Education & Social Change

I’m Richard Seale: filmmaker & educator. I make short form, character-driven video stories about people and organisations striving to make a positive difference.

I have over have twenty years experience in writing and producing video stories for education, information, public awareness and marketing.

I’ve also lectured at Curtin University, where I executively produced hundreds of student productions for non-profits and charities.

Recent projects


Four things I take pride in

Unique and original work

You and your organisation are unique in character, and this is what needs to be captured on screen. I place great importance on the conceptual work which occurs at the start of the project, as it is the foundation on which everything else is built.  If you have ideas already I will work on these with you and can also provide alternatives, or if you prefer give me a clear brief and I’ll come up with ideas for you.   You can think of me as a video ‘architect’ and video ‘builder’ in one.


Working collaboratively

You are the experts in your subject, not me.  So I will consult and collaborate with you to harness that knowledge and wisdom, and use my experience in cinematic storytelling to bring it to life on screen.

If you or others in your organisation wish to get involved in the production side of things, I’ll be glad to give you guidance so that you can further develop your skills.

Using resources efficiently

Because your resources are mostly tied up in funding the good work you do, no doubt you want to spend wisely on marketing activities.  I fully understand that.  But it doesn’t mean video is impossible.  Over many years of experience the maxim “keep it simple but execute it well” has become part of my DNA. I am careful to work efficiently (but never rush my work) and often solo, which keeps overheads low and gives you maximum value for money.


100% commitment

I know that you and people in your organisation are committed to your cause and strongly motivated by the desire to make a difference.  This is a value we share.  Wherever there is passion and commitment there is always great storytelling potential, which is what makes making films in this sector so rewarding.

It is certainly my job but it’s more than just that – it’s my passion.

My storytelling principles

People often ask me for quick and simple tips on creating a video story for their website or social media presence.

There are some tricks for bringing out the story element in a subject, however deep storytelling is a craft which takes years of experience to develop.

Here are some principles I work and live by:

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