Helping beat superbugs


With all the news on the recent coronavirus outbreak, information about antibiotic resistance and the the dangers posed by superbugs is, to say the very least, incredibly timely.

Front Porch Films was recently commissioned to produce a short and informative video to raise awareness of this very topic. Filming took place on a splendidly blue Perth day at the colourful Jacaranda Festival.  Sponsored by by AMR Aware, the video will be freely available for Rotary clubs and Rotarians to spread the ‘One Health’ message.




Forget climate change; we’ll all be dead from untreatable infections before climate change affects us!—Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer, UK

On the day, I recorded an interview with their spokesperson Professor Tim Inglis, who explained that while the issue of antibiotic resistance (or, more accurately, antimicrobial resistance) is a worldwide one, individuals can do their bit to help the global cause.

Professor Inglis covered some fundamental and yet surprisingly simple steps we can all take to help stop the spread of infection.

His advice is well worth checking out!