Digital stories

Your life story: recorded in professional audio quality, then artfully combined with your most precious photos and other imagery.


Packaged as a portable, interactive digital format that can be easily shared with family and friends – now, and in the future.


What greater gift could you give?


⇒ audio recorded professionally in the comfort of your home


⇒ content chapterised to your needs


⇒ download finished digital story from password protected website


⇒ runs on a mobile phone (Android/Apple) via a free ebook reader


About me

I’ve been writing and producing story-based media (for education, information, public awareness and marketing) for more than 20 years (see some of my other recent work here).

People comment that I am highly approachable and easy to talk to, genuinely care about people’s situations and stories, and deeply committed to my craft.

You are the other person in the team.  Together, we tell your story in a beautiful, engaging and inspiring way.